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Paul Estabrook’s unique approach to commercial photography comes from the simple challenge of interpreting a clients imagination and making it a reality on film. Paul’s work is not based on a particular process or fad but from a diverse background in both photojournalism and filmmaking.

Paul was hired as a staff photographer in 1993 for The Sacramento Bee. Winning awards for a 8-month Documentary on an AIDS hospice inspired Paul to leave The Sacramento Bee and pursue freelance documentaries and long term photography projects. While freelancing, Paul developed a serious interest in filmmaking. He began making short films and documentaries in 1995 culminating, a year later, in several national and international awards for a short, 16mm film called “Leaving.”

With experience in filmmaking and photojournalism, a career in commercial photography offered Paul the best of both worlds, making images and overseeing a large production within a budget and deadline. Paul also thrives on the creative and production challenges posed by a client. “I love seeing a project from beginning to end. Being involved not only as a photographer but as creative member and a unique individual with ideas. Collaborating and trouble shooting with clients and crew can only make a project better.”

Merging two worlds, art and commerce, is what Paul does best as a photographer. But he’s also a former amateur and professional cyclist having raced for teams like 7-Eleven and Bud-Light while living and racing in both Europe and United States. After injury’s sidelined Paul’s athletic career he work for four years as a professional chef at the four-star restaurant “The Kitchen.” Paul’s a Sacramento native and lives in downtown Sacramento.